Post Covid, the homeschool revolution gains pace

Since starting Kip McGrath Derby South in 2011, Sue & Dave, have always welcomed a number of young people who are electively homeschooled. i.e. Parents have taken an informed decision and chosen to take their child out of full-time mainstream school and...

Catch up, keep up and get ahead in school

Students often come to Kip to catch up with their peers in either English, Maths or a combination of the two. Whether it’s a school test that’s highlighted the issue or as a result of a Parents Evening, Kip can help to achieve exactly that – to catch up. Perhaps...

Consistent learning, In Centre & Online; the best of both worlds

Even before the unprecedented worldwide disruption to children’s education in 2020, at Kip, we believe in the little and often principle. We have encouraged our students to attend their weekly session and to engage with the homework they’re given to...

Find out how your child is really doing this term

At Kip, our no-obligation, free-of-charge Educational assessment provides you as a Parent with a benchmark of how your child is performing in school. This is a step we see, as being of critical importance, to what we offer local Parents. You may know your...

Has disrupted schooling left your child feeling less confident?

The past 12 months of school closures and disrupted learning has caused many negative effects. The dual role of Parent and Home Teacher wasn’t what you signed up to. There are many articles stating how the variability of these times will...

Our Subjects

We focus on the core subjects of Maths and English. A solid foundation in both of these subjects is crucial for children, now, more than ever. Good grades demonstrate to future employers that they will be able to cope confidently with the demands of their work. We provide both primary and secondary Maths and English tuition, covering Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Our Teachers

Our tutors are fully qualified teachers, with QTS status. They all hold current enhanced DBS and Barring List checks. They work hard to plan each lesson for your child; work with them during the lesson and set and mark relevant homework, re-enforcing the topics they have been doing in their class. They always ensure your child is confident in a topic before introducing a new one.


It is amazing to hear from our children and parents on the progress that is made by the students we teach. We even receive feedback from teachers about the students are getting on back in school. They often spot the increased confidence and self-esteem the child demonstrates in class, which is really fantastic to hear. Here are some of our most recent testimonies.

Why Students Choose  Kip McGrath Derby South?

Our experience is that students know themselves when they’re struggling in school. They either tell a parent straight away or continue to fight it for a period of time. Once they’re able to tell someone it’s more likely that help can be identified and engaged.

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Kip McGrath Derby South Summer School

Dave and Sue opened the Kip McGrath Education Centre Derby South in Allenton, Derby in October 2011.

Over the past 12 years, we have provided successful professional English and Maths tuition to more than 1,000 local students, helping to positively change their life outcomes. We are immensely proud of their achievements. Our passion today remains as strong as it was in 2011; helping students realise their full potential and do better in school, is what we’re all about.

Our professional English and maths tutoring is for children of all abilities, aged 5 – 18 within the Derby South area.  Our tutoring is personal and individual to each child, delivered within a small group setting.

With excellent facilities to offer both In Centre and Online tutoring, our qualified teachers inspire students weekly to achieve their very best and to develop their own love of learning. Kip teachers know what works, and how to get the best from each student.

It doesn’t matter whether your child is preparing for specific school exams, or they just want a boost (not just academically, but to their confidence and self-esteem as well); we encourage you to find out what others have already achieved with the help of Kip McGrath.

We have been teaching children in Derby since 2011

Who are Kip McGrath?

Kip McGrath are an internationally recognised and well-respected education brand that parents trust. Kip McGrath Derby South are an integral part of this global franchise business. The Kip offering has developed over the past 46 years since humble beginnings in Australia. Today, there are approximately 560 Centres globally, with 250 in the UK.

How does Kip work?

Getting your child connected with Kip McGrath Derby South Maths and English tuition is really simple. The initial educational assessment is FREE, without obligation and carried out by a qualified teacher. The outcome of the assessment will be discussed in full with you and an individual learning plan will be created for them.

Kip McGrath In Centre Tuition

Kip McGrath In Centre is the very best we can offer. Our teachers build a relationship with your child, allowing them to flourish in their learning and to demonstrate the results back in School. We take our ability to encourage your child responsibly and look to celebrate their success with them as they progress. 

Kip McGrath Online Tuition

Kip McGrath Online is a Product of our times. In spite of being available in the UK since 2014 it has undoubtedly proved its worth since April 2020. It has allowed Kip students to continue to make consistent academic progress through uncertain times.  Our extensive Kip online platform provides exactly the same student experience as In Centre; all from your own home.

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Find out how your child is doing in English and Maths

What our Parents, Children & Teachers Say

It is amazing to hear from our children, parents and even teachers on the progress being made with the students we teach.

"She's caught up a whole school year in just 6 months!"

“When she started Kip, the school said that she was 2 years behind her peers. In the 6 months she’s attended, the school are now saying she’s caught up a whole year. We’re both really happy.”

Parent of Year 5 Student

"Kip is helping him enjoy English!"

“He’s beginning to really enjoy English now, since coming to Kip. The lessons are really helping him to enjoy the subject.”

Parent of Year 7 Student

"His overall confidence has improved!"

“We’ve noticed not only an improvement in our child’s academic achievements, but more importantly, an improvement in his overall confidence levels.”

Parent of Year 5 Student

"She's moved up a set in English after just a few months!"

“Despite only attending Kip McGrath Derby South for a few months, she has made the step from Set 2 to Set 1 for her English. She’s very happy, especially as she’s moving into the important Year 9”

Parent of Year 8 Student

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The historic times we live in

The historic times we live in

This past week has seen a General Election, held in the UK for the first time since 12th December, 2019. The Conservative Party had been in Government since May 2010; in excess of 14 years. The Political commentators stated that, “14 years is a long time in politics.” Much...

Kip McGrath Derby South – a student’s perspective

Kip McGrath Derby South – a student’s perspective

Even taking into account the fact that Sue & Dave have been running Kip McGrath Derby South for almost 13 years, we wouldn’t succeed without students wanting to push themselves and do better in school. We frequently speak about what Kip offers, but it’s the students...

Is Covid still a barrier to children’s education in 2024?

Is Covid still a barrier to children’s education in 2024?

Every week at Kip, Dave & Sue see evidence that the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on young people’s education are alive and kicking. Students present for Kip educational assessments missing key skills that would have been taken for granted prior to 2020. We witness...

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