A return to Kip McGrath Derby South In Centre, Monday 8th March 2021

by | Mar 8, 2021

Based on the UK Government’s Roadmap out of lockdown and in conjunction with UK wide school re-opening to all pupils we decided to re-open the Centre yesterday. The response we received from Parents when asked if they’d like to return to face-to-face lessons was overwhelming. It’s no coincidence that’s how we feel too. So, with much planning and arranging, not to mention cleaning and preparation, our first In Centre lessons since 4th January 2021 took place. 

We’d like to say an enormous thank you to teachers Kathryn, Helen and Adrian for making it possible and also to those Parents and students who wanted to make it happen. We just can’t tell you how happy it made us feel to see students faces, speak with them (with appropriate safeguarding in place) and to hear the volume in the Centre rise once again. 

We truly hope this is the beginning of the end as the whole country returns to something approaching normal life. For our children, the day when they get to return to full-time schooling mustn’t be overlooked. It is a very significant day for everyone. 

Our plan is to keep the Kip Online platform going for Parents/ Students who prefer it. We recognise one of the primary learnings from the last 12 months is that choice is something that we need to offer wherever possible.  

Thank you again; we’re looking forward to this afternoon already. 

Dave & Sue Priestley

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