We provide professional tuition either In Centre or Online, always by a qualified teacher. We know that every child is individual, therefore they receive their own personalised learning plan, specifically designed to meet their needs.

At Kip McGrath Derby South we’ve been OFSTED registered since 2012. This provides parents with access to subsidised payment options including working tax credits, childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare. Please ask us for more information.

Our individual tutoring sessions currently cost £32.00 per session, payable weekly.  

As a parent of an enrolled student, you will benefit from:  
  • Weekly updates from your child’s teacher on how they are progressing.  
  • The ability for you to feedback to the tutor on anything specific your child is struggling with at school.  
  • Access to all the benefits of a trusted International organisation, Kip McGrath Education Centres. 
  • Choosing between In Centre and Kip Online and the ability to switch between the two.
  • Termly newsletters with Kip McGrath Derby South news, quizzes and competitions.  
  • The flexibility to do catch up lessons to suit you (where students need to miss a weekly session).
  • Peace of mind knowing that your child is being given the best possible opportunity to realise their full potential .
  • A 2 week notice period to end tuition with us.
  • Whilst your child remains enrolled at Kip McGrath Derby South, we guarantee not to increase your cost per session.
As a student enrolled at Kip McGrath Derby South, you will benefit from:  
  • A personal commitment from us, to do all we can to help you improve your academic achievements in Maths and English . 
  • Consistent weekly learning whether In Centre or Online . 
  • A personalised learning plan created and delivered uniquely for you.
  • 60-minute individual tutoring sessions in a group of no more than 4 students.
  • The same tutor every week so that you are able to build a strong relationship .
  • Weekly homework to consolidate learning, this will be no more than 30 minutes of work each week (we know students have their schoolwork to complete too).
  • The option to bring to your tutoring session, any homework from school that you’re struggling with, to get support from your tutor.
  • The award of Kip Points and on-line awards for the work completed (to provide further encouragement and reward).
  • Participation in regular Kip centre quizzes and competitions.
  • The option to participate in extra sessions over some school holidays.

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