Kip McGrath In Centre is the very best we can offer. Our teachers build a relationship with your child, allowing them to flourish in their learning and to demonstrate the results back in School. We take our ability to encourage your child responsibly and look to celebrate their success with them as they progress. 

  • Face to face professional Maths and English tutoring in a purpose designed environment 
  • All required resources immediately on hand and linked to UK National Curriculum 
  • The same teacher each week to build a strong relationship 
  • Access to the iKip proven education platform  
  • All teachers have QTS (qualified teacher status) and Enhanced DBS checks 
  • Everything your child does at Kip is personal to them 
  • Blended learning methods; computer, written and practical 
  • Each student progresses at their pace 
  • Weekly homework set and marked to consolidate the week’s learning 
  • Teachers available for weekly parent feedback  
  • Students are able to bring school homework to lessons 
  • The weekly cost is inclusive of all required resources 

Our inspirational premises in Allenton are created to enhance your child’s learning. Our teachers have no more than 4 students in a class where we deliver exceptional individual tuition in a small group setting. We utilise a blend of written, computer and tactile tasks to keep your child engaged and moving forward. We actively look to see how they learn best. Our teachers set, teach and mark each students’ work individually and set weekly homework that re-enforces the work done in class that week. All learning materials are provided for your child. Our teachers are always available at the end of each session to update you on the progress your child has made and what the plans are for their next lesson. The skill of our teachers shines through our In Centre offering.  

How Kip McGrath Works?

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