Kip McGrath Online is a Product of our times. In spite of being available in the UK since 2014, it has gone on to prove its worth since April 2020. It has allowed Kip students to continue to make consistent academic progress through uncertain times.   

  • Uses the same core product (iKip) as In Centre tutoring 
  • Your child’s lessons are with the same teacher on the same day at the same time enabling them to build a relationship 
  • No need to leave the comfort and safety of home 
  • Uses Kip’s own bespoke technology (no Zoom calls) 
  • Students can both see and speak with their teacher 
  • All required resources immediately on hand and linked to UK National Curriculum 
  • Everything your child does at Kip is personal to them 
  • Unique Kip Online features include chat and interactive whiteboard 
  • Can be accessed from any location, subject to computer/ internet access 
  • All teachers have QTS (qualified teacher status) and Enhanced DBS checks 
  • Teachers available for weekly parent feedback 
  • Mostly computer-based tasks utilised 
  • Weekly homework set and marked to consolidate the week’s learning 
  • Students are able to bring school homework to lessons 
  • The weekly cost is inclusive of all required resources 

Our extensive Kip online platform provides exactly the same student experience as In Centre; all from your own home. The basic requirements are a computer and a reasonable internet connection. Our Online students interact with their Kip teacher through audio, video and our unique interactive whiteboard and char features. The session set up is the same as In Centre; the teacher may have up to 3 other students in the class (no student can hear or see another student); lessons are set, taught and marked individually. The Kip Online platform allows students to switch between our In Centre and Online as required. We believe that Kip are the only education provider in the UK that offers this feature. Our teachers are always available at the end of each session to update you on the progress your child has made and what the plans are for their next lesson. The skill of our teachers shines through our Online offering.   

Our Tutors teaching their students through the Online Platform

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