For over 40 years, Kip McGrath has helped hundreds of thousands of children improve their literacy and numeracy skills worldwide. 

Kip McGrath is an internationally recognised and well-respected education brand that parents trust. Kip McGrath Derby South is an integral part of this global franchise business. The Kip offering has developed over the past 46 years since it’s inception in Australia. At Kip McGrath, we continue to do what we know works for our students.  

Facts about Kip McGrath:
  • Leading global education brand since 1976.
  • A proven model of success in the UK since 1993.
  • The trusted choice of thousands of families; 21,000 lessons per week in the UK.  
  • Students typically make 2 years of progress in 6 months (accelerated progress)  
  • Children become more empowered to change their life story through education.  
  • Flexible consistent offering, both In Centre and Online.   
  • Long-established, successful provider of supplementary education across  the City of Derby.  
  • Bespoke, well-proven methods of educating children aged 6 – 16.  

The first Kip McGrath Education Centre opened its doors in NSW Australia in 1976. Founded by school teachers Kip and Dug McGrath, that first tutoring centre has grown since then into a global franchise.  

The first tuition centre was in the family garage, where Kip and Dug tutored local children who needed help with their literacy and numeracy. Kip developed a remediation learning system, based on assessing the child to identify the gaps in their learning. From this assessment, a personalised programme is devised to meet the child’s learning needs. With a combination of computer, written and practical tasks Kip’s methodology can bring a non-reader to functional literacy within 100 lessons. 

The model was so successful that it developed quickly and is now present in 20 English speaking countries around the world. We are proud to be part of this life-changing opportunity for today’s young people.  

From humble beginnings, Kip McGrath have grown into a global family of passionate, qualified teachers in over 560 tutoring centres across the 20 countries. All driven by Kip’s guiding value – a child who needs help needs a teacher to motivate and guide them. 

Decades on, Kip McGrath continues to develop in established countries and branch into new areas as the demand to improve English and maths skills grows and children become more empowered to change their life stories through education. 

Kip McGrath now delivers over a million lessons every year, building a brighter future for children all over the world. 

Kip McGrath started in Maitland, NSW Australia in 1976 with the ideology of simply that:

“Every child can learn, they just need to be taught properly.

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