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Sue & Dave are aware that Kip doesn’t operate in isolation. We’re part of a wider community that enables us to help others where it’s possible. Since 2011, when we started Kip, we’ve partnered with a number of worthy causes who asked for help. We’re really proud to be doing this, as it allows us to give something back where it makes a difference.

We’ve included some information here on what’s currently happening “community-wise”.

If you have a passion that you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear about it.

Chellaston U8s Football Team Sponsorship

For many years we sponsored the Chellaston Predators U15’s Football Team. However, the players have now all grown up and left school, they have gone onto bigger things.

We now sponsor a new football team. The Chellaston Rebels U8’s Football Team. The team formed in September 2022. They have played a season in the Burton Junior Football League. They had a rocky start to the season before the teams were matched based on ability but managed to secure a win before the end of 2022. In the 2023 half of the season, the teams they were matched with, were more their ability and the boys had much more fun. Over the last year, the boys have learned to play as a team and continue to develop all the time. Much credit goes to Peter Jopp, their rookie manager.

The team have just received their new Training tops, which really help to keep out the cold and rain. A couple of loanees have joined the team for this season and the team continue to make progress with their performances. There’s a real team spirit amongst the boys – they work hard for each other and always enjoy their football. 

They might not be top of the league, but it’s the taking part that counts.

We are really proud of them. 

March 2024 | Here’s a quick update on how things are going from Team Manager, Pete:

The end of the 23/24 season is nearly upon the Chellaston Rebels. The team has come a long way in nearly two seasons and a strong bond has developed. The boys have developed preferences about the positions they play and there is a strong sense of teamwork. After the 23/24 season finishes there is a summer of tournaments and friendlies before they begin in the U9 Burton Junior Football League.

Support & Sponsorship for the

‘Diaspora Development of Djarkpanga, Togo’ Charity

The parents of one of our students run the Charity Diaspora Development of Djarkpanga, Togo (DDDT). The Charity was founded in 2013 and was established to prevent and relieve poverty, and advance the educational outcomes of a wide range of citizens in the Djakpanga region of Togo. The Diaspora provides training for potential teachers and improves school facilities, including school buildings and resouces. They provide opportunities through sport and other activities for all people to engage and participate. Supporting both social and economic efforts, they aim to improve the lives of all Togolese citizens. 

During Autumn 2021, we had the opportunity to sponsor 50 Togolese students to have a better education. For a small amount of money, these students now have educational resources available to them for a whole year; providing a life-changing opportunity, which would otherwise have been denied to them. Here is what we received by way of a thank you; we are truly humbled by this. Read more on the website

Dear Sue and Dave,

The Djarkpanga community would like to thank you and show their appreciation of your recent donation to the school. The items were received and the recipient were joyful for the kindness gesture shown to them.

It was overwhelmed and struggled to find how to thank you both for your efforts to improve their learning. We the community as a whole will like to say thank you and hope this should be the beginning of open a cordial relationship between both of you and the community.

May the Good lord bless you and we hope the pupils will achieve what are expected from them through the journey of their learning.

Yours sincerely,

Djarkpanga community School, Togo

For further information on the DDDT Charity, view their website below:

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