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Dave & Sue are excited to share our Summer 2024 Competitions with you. We know that students love to engage with them. Thank you, especially to Parents who’ve encouraged/ helped their children to take part in recent times. They may need a little help with some of these too.

It doesn’t matter whether your child attends Kip In Centre or Online. We always make the competitions available to all students on both platforms. Be sure to take a look at the details of how to enter each competition.

We’re delighted to share recent Summer competition winners with you. Please keep an eye on this page; this is where you get to keep up with our competition updates and winners’ details.

Summer 2024 Competition Winner Information

Guess the Number of Chocolates (Primary Winner)


who guessed 118 (there was 116)

Guess the Number of Chocolates (Secondary Winner)

Nadine & Simran

who both guessed the right answer: 115

Count the Number of Summer Themed Items in our Summer Newsletter


Poetry Competition

Primary Winners:

1st Molly   |   2nd Ajuni   |   3rd Ollie

Secondary Winners:

1st Afdal   |   2nd Cara   |   3rd Lucas

Lower Primary – 1st Prize


Summer 2024 Competitions

 Guess the Number of Chocolates

(Primary & Secondary Aged Students)

We have two tubs of chocolates to give away – both are identical. One will be awarded to a Primary school student and the second to a Secondary school student who guesses the actual number of chocolates or is closest to the actual number. Tell your teacher the answer.

This competition is closed, check back here in late September.

Count the Number of

‘Summer Inspired Items’

(Primary Aged Students)

For Primary Aged Students

Count the number of summer inspired items within our Summer Newsletter. Tell your teacher the answer.

This competition is closed, check back here in late September.

Are you a poet and you don’t know it?

(Primary & Secondary Aged Students)

Our new summer competition allows children to demonstrate their creative minds through the use of poetry. Entries will be entered into three age groups for judging and poems can be hand-written or typed.  

This competition is closed, check back here in late September.

Summer Postcard Competition

(Primary & Secondary Aged Students)

Our famous Summer Postcard Competition is back for 2024. Whether you’re going away or staying at home, send us a postcard during the summer holidays to let us know what you’ve been up to during your break from school. You must post the postcard to us so remember to take our address on holiday if you’re going away.

Competition Closes 8th September 2024

The Thando Ndlovu Maths Challenge Trophy

During the Summer of 2021, we received the truly devastating news that Thando had gone missing. The tragic outcome was that he had drowned whilst swimming with friends in the River Trent near Swarkestone. We will miss Thando hugely, but our heart and prayers go out to his extended circle of family and friends. It’s been said before, but Thando was a big shining star, who always put others before himself. We were privileged and honoured to have known him and to be involved with his funeral. We’re planning to create a memorial to him in the form of an annual Maths Challenge, the winner of which will be awarded the Thando Ndlovu Trophy for the year.

The challenge will be based on our iKip platform and will be age-appropriate, to ensure that everyone has the same chance of winning. It will take place over 4 weeks each January and will capture progress made with Times Tables. Even if students are only doing English at Kip, they will still have the opportunity to enter. Your child’s teacher will record the scores and then apply their knowledge of the student to arrive at a final score. There will be a prize for the “best” progress with each teacher and the overall winner will receive the Thando Ndlovu Maths challenge trophy to keep. We’re planning to run the competition each year in January.

You can see the overall winners (who get to keep the trophies) of the competition here. Runner-up prizes were awarded for the competition. Congratulations to everyone who took part; once again, choosing the winners was a real challenge in itself.

2024 Winner

2023 Winner

2022 Winner

Primary Winners


Runner Up: Lucy



Secondary Winners


Runner Up: Mariama



We were really pleased that all students embraced the challenge, eagerly participating and striving to improve their personal scores. Many were supportive of their peers and really encouraging as others achieved new highs. The real positive for us was the improvement we witnessed in the students’ maths. For many, their proportional reasoning and mental maths improved significantly. We saw increased understanding, even of problem-solving as they were able to make associations with numbers due to a much better understanding of ratio and proportion. Many students being able to mentally multiply and divide quantities and better understand worded problems. It even helped them mathematically model scenarios. We could have easily underestimated the value of the multiplication tables. This is a lesson we will carry forward. It is so fitting and lovely that Thando continues to enrich the lives of Kip students and ourselves.

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