How has your recent Parents Evening made you feel?

by | May 8, 2021

Parents Evening Time

Derby City Schools have recently held Parents Evenings for most children. The purpose of Parents Evenings is to inform you how your son or daughter has been progressing with the academic studies they have been following. Your child may be compared to their peers; this information will be shared with you. These school meetings are also an opportunity for you to inform teachers if there’s anything you want to tell them about your child.

What you should expect?

Whilst the actual event itself will look and feel different in different schools, the Primary purpose is the same. For some Parents this might still take place Online due to COVID restrictions. You might have the option of taking your child along with you so that they can hear what their teachers are saying about them. The style of communication will be different between teachers as they all have their own personalities. Have they expressed their thoughts clearly?

Has the teacher informed you what they will be teaching during the next term and what their expectations are for your child’s achievements? Is any intervention planned for the new term? Have goals been set and clearly understood and communicated?

How do you feel now?

Having invested the time, made the arrangements and gone along to find out, how should you feel afterwards about your child’s progress? Did you leave feeling disappointed about the feedback you received? Did you come away thinking that they were talking about a different child? Were aspects of your child’s school life that you weren’t previously aware of discussed? Did your child respond (positively or negatively) to anything that was said about them? Did the Parents Evening succeed in building a positive, open and strong relationship with your child’s teacher? Were your child’s discussed results the same as those in their recent school report?

Do you have anyone amongst your close family and friends that you are able to discuss the evening’s outcomes with? Perhaps with more than one adult to look at the findings you can reach a more rounded conclusion? Two heads are better than one?

Further feedback

Is there an opportunity for you to speak again to the teacher following the Parents Evening? Once you’ve had time to consider in more detail what was said you might want to ask further questions or respond to questions that were raised at the meeting? Is it straightforward to get hold of the teacher before the next Parents Evening?

Can I do better?

If any of this resonates with how you’ve been feeling following a recent Parents Evening/ Consultation, there is help at hand. At Kip McGrath Derby South, we know how to deliver excellent outcomes in all aspects of your child’s Maths and English education. Our qualified teachers are accessible on a weekly basis to discuss your child’s learning, and to answer any questions you may have about it. We completely support what is delivered in school and use the same UK National Curriculum to guarantee consistency. At Kip, we’re able to make changes in real time if there are issues with elements of your child’s progress. Strong relationship is our speciality; we’re here to build team involving your child, yourself, their school and their Kip teacher. If you haven’t considered academic intervention outside school previously perhaps now is the time? Thousands of Parents tell us that we do a great job. We always offer a free no-obligation educational assessment for your child, where you get to ask the questions and we answer them honestly. If your child doesn’t need our help we will tell you so.

The best outcome

This might just be the opportunity you’re looking for; to realise your child’s true potential through a boost to their academic achievements, increased confidence, and a development of their love of learning.

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