Did you know that: “English + Maths” = “Confidence” ?

by | Feb 17, 2021

At Kip McGrath Derby South we receive many calls from parents whose children lack confidence and self-esteem in school. We know through our own experience that  we can help these children! 

Low levels of confidence could mean that a child never puts their hand up in English or maths, and consequently the teacher doesn’t get the chance to see the full potential that lies within the student. This may become a pattern so that the child goes almost unnoticed in a class of 25-30 or more. Even if the child has the ability to succeed this can hold them back. 

Confidence in English and maths, the two most important school subjects, tends to go hand in hand with their confidence at school in general. Our aim at Kip McGrath Derby South is to help pupils improve their academic performance and attainment.  Our inspirational, experienced and qualified teachers know that your child will then benefit far more when back engaged with the whole classroom experience. In the past year this has never been more true. 

At Kip McGrath we structure the work so that our students experience success. This makes them happy and they work to achieve more of the same. Being successful can help a shy child to come out of their shell. 

Teachers always tend to notice when this happens. It may result in a much more positive parents evening! 

To find out what Kip McGrath Derby South can do for your child call Sue on 01332 381127. Over the past 10 years we’ve delivered almost 38,000 lessons in our geographical area; the parents of those children have seen the difference Kip has made for their child.  Would you like to join them? 

Kip is available either in Centre or Online; same product; same experience; same result! 

We really look forward to hearing from you. 

Dave & Sue Priestley

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