Does my child need a tutor?

by | May 24, 2023

Given our combined 50-plus years of working in education; we are consistently presented with this question by parents. We feel compelled to share our response via this blog.


Tutoring is a modern (21st Century) invention. In recent years, as schools have moved from the state (Comprehensive) to the private sector (Academy), large numbers of students have struggled to achieve their full potential through their normal engagement with school. Mainstream tutoring has increased exponentially across the spectrum of pupil abilities and demographics, with as many as 1 in 4 school-age children receiving some help via a tutor in 2023. As a parent, you don’t want to see your child left behind, as there are very high levels of competition for higher education places/ jobs/ careers etc. It’s one of life’s most important outcomes.

Catch up & keep up

Catching up or keeping up academically in school in 2023 is challenging. Whatever your child’s abilities, it’s easy for them to be distracted in class, lost in the maze of large class sizes and school dynamics. High-quality professional tutoring improves students’ academic performance, and their ability to retain information. It enhances their self-esteem and confidence, promotes good study habits and helps to build learning skills. These are positive, life-changing benefits, breaking down existing barriers and helping students achieve better educational outcomes in school. The Kip McGrath tutoring environment caters for students of all abilities; building on each child’s existing strengths. Kip McGrath’s unique selling points of qualified teachers, small group tuition and proven progressive methods have worked effectively worldwide for the past 45 years, through In Centre and, more recently, an Online option. The Kip McGrath motto of, “where students really improve”, remains true in 2023.

The UK Government entered the “tutoring arena” following the COVID-19 pandemic. Their goal was to identify ways in which large numbers of students could catch up with their lost or disrupted learning. The National Tutoring Programme has undoubtedly allowed thousands of students to be more successful with their school studies. The project has successfully proven that effective tutoring is a valuable student resource.

Tell tale signs to look for

Can you see 1 or more of our “tell-tale signs”, that all might not be “educationally” well for your child:

  1. Does your child struggle to complete their school homework?
  2. Has your child fallen behind in 1 or more school subjects?
  3. Does your child seem shy or lack confidence in school, but not in other situations?
  4. Do you suspect your child has an undiagnosed learning disability?
  5. Is your child not being stretched sufficiently in school?
  6. Does your child have an up & coming important exam where they’ve asked for targeted help?
  7. Has your child missed significant periods of schooling and needs to catch up?
  8. As a parent, are you trying to help them, but it just isn’t working?
  9. Does your child crave more teacher time in school?

Unlock your child’s true potential

We know that finding the right tutor for your child produces lifelong benefits. Over the 12 years we’ve been running Kip in Allenton, Derby, we’ve witnessed demand for our services increase; school resources reduce in real terms, and been introduced to lots of children failing to achieve their true potential. At Kip, we know that we’ve made a positive difference to so many young people, who’ve gone on to do significantly better in school and beyond. The right tutor builds a positive relationship with your child, a wholly positive experience for both parent and child, and can be life-changing for the young person. Over 12 years, we’ve seen so many really positive highlights to know that Kip absolutely works. Your child’s true potential can be unlocked.

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