Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some frequently asked questions, that might answer additional queries you have about Kip McGrath Derby South. If you can’t find the answer to a question here, please call Sue on 01332 381127 or E-Mail us at We’re here to help; we’d love to hear from you.

Here are some questions around how we work at Kip McGrath Derby South:

How many weeks of the year do you teach for?

We follow the local Derby school term times as closely as possible. We also offer (optional) sessions during the Easter, Spring Bank Holiday and Summer holidays which are available to all students.

What subjects do you teach?

We help students primarily in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension, English and Maths – from Primary to Secondary. We also offer expert courses in Essay Writing, Study Skills and Intelligence Development. At appropriate times of the year, we also offer Getting Ready for School (for the school starters), SATS preparation and exam preparation for Foundation (where appropriate), Higher-Grade GCSE and A Level English and Maths. Some students also attend for specific help with school entrance exams. We can also help with GCSE re-sits in English and Maths.

What ages do you teach?

We teach students who are between 5 and 18 years old.

Do you tutor exam preparation for selective school entrance?

Yes. We do exam preparation for selective local school entrance exams. It is important that you contact us well before the exams to give your child the best chance of success.  

How do I pay and do I need to pay a deposit? 

Payment can be made weekly in advance by DD or continuous card authority. Other payment options are available to suit individual needs, including Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, childcare vouchers, tax free childcare and standing order. A small discount is offered for payment in advance of a block of 10 sessions and also if your child attends 2 or more regular weekly classes. A deposit of 2 weeks lesson fee is payable on enrolment. This is then used to pay for your last 2 weeks lessons with us.

Are you Ofsted registered?

 Kip McGrath Derby South in Allenton is OFSTED registered (since Feb 2012). This provides us with a professional code to work to, as well as giving parents access to different payment options, for example, Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare. Please ask us if you’d like more information about these options. 

Will you come to my house to tutor?

No. All tutoring is done either in centre at our modern and welcoming premises in Allenton, Derby or Online.

Do you tutor online?

Yes, our Kip Online platform provides the functionality to teach and interact with each child from the comfort of their own home, with real-time teacher involvement. We don’t use third party products. E.g. Zoom  

How does the initial educational assessment work?

 Many parents are concerned about how their children are performing at school and whether they are at the appropriate level for their age and class. We provide a free, no-obligation educational assessment and discuss the results with you in detail. This is an opportunity to meet Sue & Dave, ask questions and for you both to see our environment for yourselves. 

What does the Free Educational Assessment involve?

Our free, no obligation, educational assessment is designed to identify any gaps in your child’s learning and to also identify their strengths. The free assessment can take anywhere from 45 – 60 minutes and is conducted by a fully qualified teacher. Your child will be assessed in English or maths or both depending on their needs. Following the assessment, you will talk directly to the teacher to discuss the results and ask any questions you may have. The assessment results help us to design an individualised learning programme for your child. 

You’re under no obligation to enrol your child at the end of the assessment, as we want you to be sure that you have considered this step fully. Sue & Dave understand it’s such an important decision.

Can you tutor my child with a disability?

There are many disabilities with varying levels of disorder. We always recommend that you seek professional advice on this question first. We can teach students with disabilities such as ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, Autism and others. It is very important that we carry out an educational assessment with your child before we can determine if we can effectively tutor them. Our main focus is to ensure that your child’s disability will not interfere with their ability to learn in this environment. Please contact us to discuss your child’s needs.  

How long is each lesson?

Lessons are 60 minutes long and students typically attend for one lesson a week. Some older children do attend more often, according to their needs. Even young children attend for 60 minutes – their lessons are broken up into 10-minute activities, designed to keep them engaged and on-task.  

What times are the weekly lessons held?

Lessons are offered Monday to Friday after school (at 4:00pm & 5:30pm) and on Saturday at 9:30am, 11:00am and 1:00pm. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.  

Will my child get Kip homework?  

Homework is an essential part of the Kip McGrath programme, as it consolidates the weeks’ learning. We are aware of each student’s school workload so set homework is generally limited to around half an hour each week. If you have difficulty getting your child to complete the homework, please tell us.  

What happens if my child can’t attend a session? 

Please let us know as soon as possible. We will then offer a catch-up lesson alternative, in the same week wherever possible. This will be at a time convenient to you within our normal weekly schedule. In exceptional circumstances, catch-up lessons may be carried over until the next available school holiday sessions.

Are Kip McGrath the only professional tuition provider in my local area?

No, please take the opportunity to check out a range of providers. More than 75% of our Customers come via word-of-mouth referral. We believe we provide the best value local professional tuition in English & Maths.

Here are some questions you may have around the learning aspect of what we do:

How do I know that my child will improve?

Your child will improve if they are supported at school, home and at Kip McGrath. Every child that attends Kip each week and does all of their set homework will improve – both academically and in their confidence and self-esteem.  

How long will it take to resolve my child’s struggles?

Every child is different and every concern is different. Your child’s progress is monitored regularly by continuous assessment and by regular parental feedback. There is no long term obligation or contract to attend indefinitely; all we ask is that you provide us with two weeks’ notice to stop tuition.   

How do I know my child is progressing?

The Kip McGrath study programme is progressive. Your child will be starting at an appropriate level, based on the assessment, and will work their way up to their set goal. Each week their lesson plan contains new activities that build on the knowledge they learnt in the previous week.

How quickly will my child catch up?

Every child is unique and learns at their own pace. Some children do not necessarily need extra tuition; if this is the case, we will be honest with you. We find that our students love the engaging learning environment in our Centre and, because we know exactly which areas to develop, children improve in confidence and are enthusiastic about coming to Kip. ​Once they’ve caught up, our students often want to keep up too.  

How should I help my child while at Kip McGrath?  

Make your child’s school teacher aware that they are attending Kip, and ask to be kept up to date with your child’s performance at school, including specific areas that the teacher believes need attention. Set aside a place and a time for your child to do homework from both school and Kip McGrath and ensure that they complete it each week. Make sure that they attend their tutoring sessions each week – regularity is a major key to improving your child’s results. Always let Sue & Dave know if you have any concerns about the progress of your child or the type of work that they are doing. 

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