Has disrupted schooling left your child feeling less confident?

by | Mar 1, 2021

The past 12 months of school closures and disrupted learning has caused many negative effects. The dual role of Parent and Home Teacher wasn’t what you signed up to. There are many articles stating how the variability of these times will impact children’s education for years to come. There’s no doubt that some children will have benefitted whilst others have suffered significantly.  

At Kip we take our responsibility seriously, for the positive part we can play, in helping children’s education, both consistently continue and also to fill any gaps that have arisen. We know, based on 40 years of International experience that Kip succeeds in achieving what it sets out to achieve. I.e., to help individual children make academic progress and to achieve more through life choices.  

Based on this, we want to make ourselves available for Parents who are concerned that their child hasn’t come out of lockdown well. Perhaps you can see in their low confidence levels that lack of consistent education has knocked them back? Maybe the loss of social contact has impacted their well-being?  

Give us a call and talk through ways in which we can restore some of their belief and improve their educational outcomes, confidence and self-esteem. 

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