How do Kip McGrath Derby South students succeed in winter?

by | Nov 28, 2021

The winter months of each academic year are important for Kip students as they consolidate topics already learned, continue to learn new ones and prepare for forthcoming Spring and Early Summer School Exams and Tests. Mock Exams (GCSE and SATS) are a feature of this time of year so at Kip we focus strongly on preparation for these. This typically comprises improving exam techniques and working through past papers with each student. We completely recognise that students can panic about the outcomes of these Exams, which can have a clear bearing on the direction the student takes.

Sue and Dave continue to be encouraged during this period by positive feedback from both students and parents, that success in school has been recognised. A recent example of this is a Year 11 GCSE Maths student, who reported that he’d achieved 86% in his GCSE Mock Exam; an outstanding achievement by any standards. This type of feedback really motivates our teachers to keep up the high standards they set; they can directly see the results of both theirs and the students’ hard work.

The December to February months at Kip also feature feedback from school parents evenings where we’re able to utilise that information to better deliver to students individual needs. Our ultimate goal is to help each student be successful in school; any input that helps to achieve this is much welcomed by us.

Parents think about school transition over the winter too; whether children move from Infants to Primary, Primary to Secondary or from Secondary to College. We very much believe we have a part to play in these transitions, both academically, and in providing help and support to Parents and students when they consider and make these moves. Application for Secondary school places can be daunting; again, we’re here to provide support in this transition, from preparation with the entrance tests some Derby schools offer, through to which school would best suit your child.

We provide help in some of these topics on our website. Alternatively, please speak with your Kip teacher or with Sue to discuss anything of concern to you as a Parent over the Winter months.

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