At Kip McGrath Derby South we follow the local Derby school term times as closely as possible. Our term dates are closely aligned with what your child experiences in school.

We therefore typically teach for 40 weeks of the year. This is our core period when our normal Kip terms and conditions apply. Outside of these weeks we often don’t have lessons planned (your child needs a break as well as their Kip teacher). As the Calendar comes around to Spring, and to SATS and GCSE’s specifically, we will often offer sessions during both Easter and Spring Bank holiday school holidays. Whilst these sessions are mainly for Exam preparation they are also open to other students.

For the School Summer break we look to offer sessions that prevent your child suffering from academic brain drain and to prepare them to hit the ground running in September. These sessions will typically be for 4 weeks in August. As a parent you know your child best and know whether they would benefit from continuing to tick over across the long Summer break.

All non term time sessions are completely optional and normal Kip terms and conditions don’t apply. Holiday sessions are usually in the daytime, to best suit Parent and Teacher.

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