Inside the Kip Classroom – a Maths teachers’ perspective

by | Sep 27, 2023

In the Kip classroom, there’s no need for students to fear maths. Interactive learning, face-to-face or online, friendly and patient teacher support, puzzles and activities; these are all set out to help students make the maths journey fun and successful. Whether students need to understand the building blocks of algebra for year 7 maths or apply De Moivre’s Theorem for A-level further maths, our Kip Centre is full of skilled teaching, helpful knowledge and relevant resources.

Understanding the basics of fractions, decimals and percentages can be a mountain to climb for some students. Whatever it is the student is struggling with fits neatly into a Kip-sized learning opportunity. Small group sizes make it simple to guide students step by step through maths problems at their own pace. They always work at understanding topics and techniques clearly before moving on to the next. This ensures solid foundations, as misconceptions are quickly identified (& dispelled), and the foundations firmly laid.

Kip aims to make maths fun; Kip students enjoy learning with us. Student-led learning is at their pace and preferred style of learning, which makes maths feel a whole lot better. In fact, here at Kip, all the teachers, parents and students know “Maths is Grrrrreat.”

So does Bob. Be like Bob…..

By Adrian Wilson

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