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by | Jul 5, 2022

At Kip McGrath Derby South we’ve just reached the end of our Summer Term for the academic year 2021/22. It’s been a busy year for us, where we’ve continued to help hundreds of local students improve academically in their English and Maths, building their confidence and self-esteem along the way. One of the highlights of this year for us was our annual gift of books to students at the start of the school summer holidays. We’ve developed a way in recent years of allowing students to choose their own book gift; this helps them to connect even more with their reading aspirations.

Kip has always been about encouraging students to read, helping them to progress and develop both their reading skills and their enjoyment of reading at the same time. As educators, Sue & Dave understand the importance of developing your child’s ability to read. This has so many positive side effects, from helping them to be better in their other school subjects, to building long-lasting friendships with others who share a common love of learning.

The real benefit to the student is that here at Kip, we work alongside students individually and provide them with consistent, high quality and inspirational teachers. Each student has the same teacher every week which provides them with the opportunity to build a solid relationship with their teacher. This rubs off on the student from day 1, where their opinion is valued and listened to. Kip teachers relate immediately to where each student is at; individually recognising that each student is different and has different needs. The combination of quality teaching and individuality is what produces the best result for the student. Kip works!

When the student is back in school each week, they have that little bit of extra confidence to perhaps contribute more in the classroom or to try something new, which previously they were afraid to do. The teaching model we utilise at Kip, of small group individual tutoring, is beneficial to all students. They see and hear what their fellow students are doing at Kip; pick up on this, which also boosts their confidence. It says clearly, “I’m not alone on this journey. There are other students, like me, who just need that little bit of extra help”. Lessons are small (a maximum of 4 students per session) and when a student within a Kip lesson succeeds and is praised for improvement, this lifts the other students to want to do better too. It’s very much of a win-win environment.

Sue & Dave really look forward to the start of the autumn term, and the opportunity to re-connect with Kip students. We’re also really keen to hear how each student’s reading has come on over the summer, especially how much they’ve enjoyed reading the book we gifted to them back in July. It’s just a part of their overall educational journey, but one we definitely recognise as being of significance.

Don’t wait until your son or daughter is struggling with their reading before seeking help. Speak to us to find out how we’re able to encourage them to develop a lifelong love of learning, putting them in control of their own educational outcomes.

Dave & Sue Priestley

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