Kip McGrath Derby South – a student’s perspective

by | May 22, 2024

Even taking into account the fact that Sue & Dave have been running Kip McGrath Derby South for almost 13 years, we wouldn’t succeed without students wanting to push themselves and do better in school. We frequently speak about what Kip offers, but it’s the students themselves that really call the shots. We asked one of our current cohort of Kip students, Imogen,  to tell us what she thought.

How long have you been coming to Kip?

I’ve been coming to Kip for about 8 years.

Why did you come to Kip in the first place?

I came to Kip to get help with my maths & English, as I was really struggling in primary school.

What are the best bits about attending?

Meeting new people and having fun with subjects that you’re struggling with. Learning, and going back to school and doing better than my classmates.

What are the worst bits about attending?

There aren’t any!

Is Kip different to school?

Yes. There’s a lot more freedom with the subjects, one to one with the teacher; learn more about the subjects, have fun and no distractions.

Has Kip helped you in school?

Definitely. I was doing foundation maths in Secondary GCSE before; now I’m sitting the higher GCSE Maths paper, and am in set 1. At Kip, I can practice exam papers, work on them at home, bring them back to Kip and go through things with the teacher in preparation for my mock GCSE Exams.

Would you recommend Kip to others in your position?

Definitely, if you think that you’re struggling with maths and English; you can be more successful.

Do you have any other thoughts about Kip?

It’s a good environment to be in; everyone is welcoming and really positive. Kip helps me to do better in school. There are no distractions at Kip, which helps me to concentrate better than in school. I do get excited to see Sue & Dave and catch up on what’s happening.

Would you choose Kip over other tuition providers?

In my experience, Kip is the best there is.

What’s the reason you’ve stayed with Kip for so long?

I want to carry on achieving top grades in my maths and English, especially as I’m doing GCSE’s next year.

How many times per week do you come to Kip?

I attend once per week, and in the holidays when I need to.

Do you feel more confident in school as a result of attending Kip?

Most definitely! Kip has given me the confidence to communicate with my teachers and not be afraid to get an answer wrong.

Do you think that, by changing anything, Kip can be improved?

No, I think that Kip is perfect in the way you are taught, as the teachers take the time to find the right way that suits me individually.

It would be impossible for Sue & Dave to have come up with those answers themselves. Making a positive difference in school describes totally what Kip is about. It sounds like Kip has certainly been impactful for Imogen. Thank you Imogen, for contributing to this blog.

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