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by | Jan 20, 2022

During the Summer of 2021, a devastating accident took the life of Thando Ndlovu. We shared this grief with his family both at the time and subsequently. Thando was a young man, full of the best things in life and looking ahead excitedly to what his future held for him. In the weeks and months since the accident, we have looked for ways in which we can honour the life of this exceptional human being. We loved having Thando in the Centre; he expounded energy and a desire to see everyone achieve their very best. His nature was always to put others ahead of himself and to encourage them to be the best they could be (including us).

As a result, having spoken to Thando’s Parents, we came up with the Maths Challenge Trophy, which will be an annual competition across all of our current students. The aim is for them to demonstrate improvement in Maths across a number of weeks. All students will be given an equal opportunity; it doesn’t matter whether they are in Year 1 or Year 13. The purpose is to reflect Thando’s nature/character and strive to give your best all of the time.

We have trophies to present (for students to keep) for the best Primary student and the best Secondary student in the week after February Half Term.

Our teachers will be coordinating this challenge over the weeks up to February Half Term 2022. They will set the maths challenges individually, record the scores and facilitate recommendations as to who has demonstrated the most progress.

So, please take the opportunity, as a true memoriam to Thando, to take part, enjoy the process and strive to be the very best you can be. Thando would be proud of you. We will always remember him.

Dave & Sue Priestley

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