Kip McGrath Derby South Merrill Academy Secondary Catch Up Programme

by | Mar 27, 2021

During the Autumn Term 2020/21 Dave and Sue at Kip McGrath Derby South were approached by Merrill Academy Secondary School to deliver a Maths and English catch-up programme to Year 11 GCSE students. Headteacher, Jo Harlow, was looking to give her Year 11 students the best possible opportunity to succeed in their Summer GCSE Exams/ Assessments following a year of interrupted learning due to COVID-19. Jo clearly recognised that better GCSE results gave the students better life choices.

Having specified the requirements and scoped the programme Sue arranged to visit school to meet every student, to find out what their individual needs were. This, together with school teacher direct input, allowed initial individual Kip lesson plans to be created.

The catch-up sessions take place on a designated day and time as part of the students’ school week. The flexible nature of the Kip McGrath platform has allowed the sessions to take place in school, reverting to Online when restrictions have necessitated.

Overall, students have engaged well with the programme; our teachers have loved to have the chance to make a difference directly back in school and to enable these students to have better life choices.

The Maths and English GCSE catch up programme at Merrill Academy will run until the GCSE Exams/ Assessments are complete in May 2021. At the time of writing, we are all optimistic of improved GCSE grades for Merrill Academy students. Watch this space.

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