Kip McGrath Derby South reaches the milestone of 50,000 lessons delivered

by | Nov 21, 2023

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a significant achievement. For a small outpost of Kip McGrath Education Centres in Allenton, Derby and for hundreds of local children of all ages and abilities it’s of worthy importance. Sue & Dave have been all about improving the educational outcomes of children in local Derby schools since 2011. We have seen this make life-changing differences to these young people, who go on to realise their full potential, and to better life prospects.

We could share a lot of stories about children from these years; from the youngest to the oldest. Age isn’t a barrier to what Kip McGrath, combined with exceptional teachers in the right setting, can offer. Sue & Dave continue to work hard to create a personal, trusted service that local parents can tap into. Over 13 years we have built relationships with families and with those responsible for providing education locally. Everything we do remains about each individual child and the educational/academic progress they make given the right environment.

It would be remiss of us to not recognize the vital part played by Derby parents, who approach us seeking a solution for their child, listen to what we have to say, and then put their confidence in us to deliver. Thank you parents.

The teachers that we have had the privilege of working with over the last 13 years are undoubtedly at the top of their game. They have cajoled, persuaded and come alongside each child to get the very best for them. The teacher input is the single biggest factor in each child building a better future for themselves. This applies whether the child is 4 (yes, we have worked with this age), or 18. The individual aspects of what the right qualified and highly motivated teachers achieve can’t be underestimated. Thank you teachers.

Why do parents and children choose Kip McGrath Derby South?

There are many reasons; whether the child’s confidence is low; they’ve missed a chunk of schooling or whether some aspects of the school environment prove challenging for them. We know, and have many testimonies to support, that the way that Kip delivers can overcome these issues. Sue & Dave have stayed in touch with families over the past 13 years; we continue to hear of the amazing achievements of each young person. In addition, every day in the Centre, we receive positive updates regarding how children continue to improve. Thank you children.

So, yes, there’s cake to celebrate the milestone, which you are very welcome to share with us. The story goes much deeper than that, as it affects children’s lives in a hugely positive way. The cake is merely a symbol.

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