Kip McGrath Derby South Term Dates

2023 – 2024 Academic Term

Summer Term

Monday 15th April 2024

Saturday 25th May 2024

Monday 3rd June 2024

Saturday 13th July 2024

30th July – 22nd August 2024

Kip Summer Term Begins

Break up for Half-Term

Kip Summer Term Begins

Kip Summer Term Ends

Kip Summer School

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Autumn Term

Monday 9th September 2024

Saturday 26th October 2024

Monday 4th November 2024

Saturday 21st December 2024

Kip Autumn Term Begins

Break up for Half-Term

Kip Autumn Term Continues

Kip Autumn Term Ends

Spring Term

Monday 6th January 2025

Saturday 15th February 2025

Monday 24th February 2025

Saturday 5th April 2025

Kip Spring Term Begins

Break up for Half-Term

Kip Spring Term Continues

Kip Spring Term Ends

As usual, we will be closed on Bank Holiday Mondays that fall within the above dates. We will endeavour to re-arrange your child’s Monday session to an alternative day for these weeks

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