Kip McGrath take the scary out of learning

by | Oct 14, 2022

With the imminent celebration of Halloween, and its’ scary themes, it’s the right time to explain how Kip McGrath Derby South are able to take the scary out of your child’s learning!

Professional English and Maths learning without the fright-inducing scariness!

Some children in school can be frightened or worried about how they’re coping with the demands of their learning. They might be uncomfortable with the pressures of achieving specific targets. If they don’t fully learn tricky concepts, they can feel uneasy about not keeping up. Their confidence may be lacking, affecting their ability to join in and contribute to class work. Some of their peers could be making it difficult for them in the classroom, causing disrupted classes. They might feel unable to engage with their schoolwork, causing them to miss out on significant chunks of learning.

These are all classic symptoms, seen by Sue & Dave every week at Kip McGrath Derby South. Our first action is to reassure you, the parent, by carrying out a free educational assessment for your child. We will explain in detail how we think they’re doing academically, and what their current strengths and weaknesses are. We’ll tell you how we can help them to improve academically, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. It’s about removing the scary elements of what they do at school.

It’s almost like we’re casting a learning spell…………………………………..

Every week at Kip (not just at Halloween), we work hard to banish English and Maths ghosts, ghouls, monsters and witches. Sue & Dave, with the help of our Kip teachers, come alongside students individually, to provide reassurance and inspire confidence in their learning. Kip students are never left to flounder on their own, worrying about how they just don’t understand concepts or how they’re unable to achieve great results in school. Kip teachers work individually with students, helping them to master tricky topics and feel better about themselves in class.

“I can’t” develops into “I can.”

At Kip we don’t have spiders, bats, or creepy crawlies that could frighten your child! These are banished, replaced with ultra-positivity and encouraging relationship building. By working individually with each student, Kip teachers are able to break problems down into manageable bite-size segments, ensuring that students learn new topics and go over the solutions. As a result, they fully understand them before moving on.

So, whilst Halloween sets out to increase scariness; Kip McGrath Derby South always take the scary out of learning; presenting an oasis of calm, and an opportunity for children to individually realise their true potential, whatever stage they currently find themselves at.

Dave & Sue Priestley

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