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Our teachers are passionate, fully qualified and have QTS status, together with current enhanced DBS and Barring List checks. They  work effectively to plan the lesson for each student and work individually with them during the lesson. The teachers  set and mark relevant homework; re-enforcing the topics they’ve covered in their class. We always ensure your child is confident in a topic before introducing a new one.

If your child has school homework that they are struggling with, we encourage them to bring it to Kip and get help from their  teacher.



Kip Owner & Teacher

Read about Sue

Sue is the Centre Director and is a fully qualified teacher with more than 30 years’ experience, working in schools throughout Derbyshire. In more recent times she was employed by Derbyshire LEA as an Advisory Teacher, across both Primary and Secondary schools – delivering pastoral care and training with great passion.

With a B.Ed (Hons) degree from the University of Warwick and a Professional Counselling Qualification she loves the challenge of helping students improve their academic and life outcomes.

Sue holds a Paediatric First Aid Certificate and enjoys home crafts, cooking and reading in her spare time.

Sue has been a teacher all of her life; you could say it’s who she is – even when she was a child she knew then that this is what she would be. She’s always loved learning.

Sue is a creative person, in particular she loves to make things through the medium of sewing and knitting. This is also seen in her cooking too – her creative side comes out in making food for family and friends.

She loves nature and in particular the colours and patterns she sees. Sue is very happy when in the presence of any animal large or small. For her 60th birthday, we all went alpaca walking and she looks forward to the day when maybe she will have her own dog!

Finally, Sue is never happier than when reading a book. She always has a pile next to her and enjoys reading novels, information books and books that help her to live better.




Read about Helen

Helen is a talented and experienced Primary Teacher, most recently working at Lakeside School in Alvaston. Her specialities are Early Years and Maths. Beyond this, she has taught in a variety of settings; even private tuition up to GCSE Level in Maths. Wow!

In her spare time Helen enjoys quality family time and long walks in the countryside.

She’s never owned a pet; enjoys reading books but doesn’t have an absolute favourite. Her most enjoyable films to watch are ones that make her laugh.

Helen loves to see children’s confidence grow when realising they can do it!

Her favourite colour is purple and she loves to eat strawberries.




Read about Gill

Gill possesses a wide breadth of experience, teaching at KS1 and KS2 levels in local Derby schools. She took early retirement from full time teaching and continues to work with us to the benefit of our students.

Gill loves travelling to Scotland to visit her daughter and grandson and their two gorgeous cats. Her hobbies include swimming, reading, board games, church choir, quizzes and lunching with friends! She also enjoys the theatre, especially musicals.

Her favourite books are a set of 6 novels by Susan Howatch, based on the fictional parish of Starbridge.

Gill’s favourite films are the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series!!

Gill absolutely loves teaching because nothing beats the thrill of a child saying “ Oh, now I get it!” after her input ?

Her favourite colours are anything bright, especially pink.

Gill’s favourite food would have to be steak and chips!




Read about Alison

Alison took early retirement from the local Primary School where she remains actively involved as a School Governor. Alison knows how to motivate and encourage her students to achieve their very best. She is truly enthusiastic and it rubs off on all around her.

Alison doesn’t have any pets now, but she used to have a family dog when growing up. She enjoys swimming, tap dancing, going to the gym, trips to the theatre and travelling to different holiday destinations.  Alison enjoys reading lots of different books, especially autobiographies.  Her favourite book as a child was ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Alison has 2 favourite movies; ‘Brief Encounter’ and ‘White Christmas’.

After 35 years of teaching, Alison continues to enjoy helping children to develop and make progress in their learning, finding it very rewarding to see children gain confidence and become independent, as they acquire new skills and knowledge. Teaching is the best job!

Alison’s favourite colour is Turquoise/Jade and she loves to eat any kind of cheese.




Read about Louise

Louise has worked extensively as a Learning Support Teacher in Scottish Schools.  Her expertise has been supporting individual students with their GCSE English and Maths preparation. She is hard-working and very motivational towards her students.

Louise loves to sing and play the guitar for relaxation. Family time is spent travelling both to Scotland and Manchester to visit her sons. Hill walking is definitely a favourite pastime.

Louise’s son and daughter in law once had two pet rats which she looked after sometimes! They were very friendly and quite intelligent. She loves baking cakes, though admits could never do Bake Off – too much pressure!

Her favourite books are To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson and her favourite movie is Jaws (the first movie). Suspense!
Louise’s favourite colours are blue, turquoise and burgundy and her favourite food has to be chicken curry. Homemade is best,  next best is takeaway, then ready meal or jar.

Louise loves teaching because it’s wonderful when a student understands or discovers something for the first time.




Read about Kathryn

Kathryn has been teaching for approximately thirty five years, acquiring a wealth of experience across KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4.  She enjoys teaching the wider curriculum in a variety of settings, both state and private.

She loves reading, and believes every child has a right to know how to read, both for purpose and pleasure.  Kathryn did a post-graduate training course in Dyslexia and Literacy studies to better equip her to teach those students with Dyslexia.

Kathryn has five grandchildren and spends as much time with them as possible. Her personal loves are reading, baking and knitting.

During lockdown she has become a dedicated jigsaw expert. Kathryn’s favourite book is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini; her favourite film is The Sound of Music, which was one of the first movies she went to see with her parents. She has a beautiful 16 year old Burmese cat, Heidi, that is very needy of cuddles and pampering.

Kathryn favours pinks, blues and lilacs (think of a Monet painting!) and enjoys anything authentically Italian.

Kathryn knew she wanted to be a teacher from the age of eight, pretending to play schools in her room at home. She likes learning and transferring that love of learning to her students.  She very much enjoys seeing children discover ways of problem solving that works for them and uses a touch of humour to try to make learning more enjoyable. Nothing beats the relationships that Kathryn builds with her students.




Read about Amy

Amy has loved maths since she was at school and continues to enjoy sharing maths with students and helping them progress. Amy helps students to build their confidence with maths and enjoy their learning. She has worked in various schools in Derbyshire and Staffordshire over the last 10 years, gaining wide teaching experience.

Amy grew up in Derbyshire but loves enjoying new places and travelling, which led to spending a few months camping in the Costa Rican rainforest, leading a group working with park rangers maintaining the national park. Amy also has a TESOL qualification to teach English as a second language, which she has used to teach abroad.  More recent adventures have been closer to home, as she now has 2 young sons, and usually involve finding new parts of the Peak District to enjoy hiking and camping.

When Amy has spare time she enjoys learning new things, for example she has been recently learning more about map navigation, gardening and continually trying to improve her Spanish.

Amy has a pet black cat, named Selina (after catwoman!) and would love to have a dog one day when she has plenty of time for daily walks. Amys favourite colours are green and pink, and her favourite food is a good roast dinner.  




Read about Colin

Colin was born and educated in South Africa. He taught mathematics and history at high school level for eighteen years in South Africa before moving to the UK where he has taught KS3 and KS4 mathematics. He enjoys nothing more than seeing students overcome their difficulties in mathematics and exceeding expectations, by their own determination and his assistance.  

In his spare time, Colin enjoys being with his family. He maintains his interest in history by studying his own family history. Part of this study involves investigating how the major events of the past may have impacted the lives of his ancestors. He has a university qualification in genealogical studies. Colin also enjoys playing the acoustic and bass guitars and learning new techniques to improve his playing. Every morning he takes his miniature schnauzer, Daisy, for a walk and gets to appreciate the freshness of the morning and the beauty of nature.

Colin’s favourite colour is blue and he enjoys most foods – except for kidney, liver and pork!

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