At Kip, we focus on the core subjects of Maths and English. A solid foundation in both of these subjects is crucial for children, now, more than ever. Good grades demonstrate to future employers that they will be able to cope confidently with the demands of their work. We provide both primary and secondary level Maths and English tuition covering Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Primary English

(KS1 & KS2)

Primary Maths

(KS1 & KS2)

Being a fluent and confident reader is probably the single most important skill any young pupil needs to make real progress at school.  We work on grammar, handwriting, punctuation, spelling and comprehension to enable each student to feel prepared and confident with their Key Stage 2 Test (Year 6 SATs). 

A good foundation in everyday maths provides a greater understanding of the world around us. We work on sums, word problems and problem solving, money, calendars, telling the time, data handling, probability and reasoning, decimals, fractions and percentages along with geometry and shapes.

Secondary English

(KS3 & KS4)

At Kip McGrath Derby South, we have a team of secondary school English tutors who help children improve their grades, confidence and build self-esteem in the subject area. We create individualised lesson plans, and these are taught either in centre or online in small groups of up to four children.   

Secondary Maths

(KS3 & KS4)

In the school environment, the constraints of the Curriculum mean that the teacher must move at a fast pace in order to cover the syllabus. At Kip, we proceed at each child’s individual pace, ensuring they have firmly grasped each topic. We offer practice in the different skills required to ensure the learning is retained.  

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