Our goal for this page is to make it as interactive as possible. We set out to provide a knowledge base about Kip in general and Kip McGrath Derby South specifically. If you have any queries or questions this is the place to look for the answer first. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please give us a call or use the contact form on this site.  

It’s important that you don’t just take our word for what we say, so we’ve included actual testimonials from both parents and students. This is what they’ve told us. It would be impossible to show everything here that we’ve accumulated over the last 10 years but these present a flavour of what we’re all about. We recognise that we’re not the only provider of private Maths and English tuition in Derby so we encourage you to do your homework.  

This page also gives access to the fun elements of puzzles and quizzes, which we’d like to encourage you to engage with. It’s not just about the prizes we offer; we have Parents tell us they are often thinking about Kip puzzles and conundrums when their minds wander. 

The Parent Resources section will continue to grow. Our goal for this is to provide you, as a parent of a school-age child in Derby with useful information as your child progresses through their education journey. This could range from us sharing some of our Kip resources to providing contact details and links to local schools so you’re able to find these details in one location. This area will definitely develop in the coming days. If there’s anything specific you need please let us know and we’ll look to include it. 


View our Testimony page for the latest children, parent & teacher testimonies.


View our FAQ page for any questions that the website hasn’t yet answered for you.

Puzzles & Quizzes

View our Puzzles & Quizzes page, for children and big kids too – test your knowledge with some Kip Puzzles & Quizzes.

Parent Resources

Primary Education Resources

  • Which school to choose for my son or daughter?
  • Kip example worksheets for parents
  • Year 2 (KS1) SATS for 6-year old’s
  • Year 6 (KS2) SATS for 11-year old’s
  • Transition from primary to secondary
  • Links to useful websites

Secondary Education Resources

  • Which school to choose for my son or daughter?
  • Which sets will my child be put in
  • Kip example worksheets for parents
  • Year 11 (GCSE) sample papers for parents
  • Year 13 (A-Level) sample papers for parents
  • Links to useful websites
  • What next, post GCSE or A-Level?

We understand how important your child’s educational journey is, providing them with the platform for their growth into adult life. Dave & Sue would like to provide a central point where you, as a Parent, are able to find relevant information about your child’s education journey. 

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