Secondary English (KS3 & KS4)

A good English grade at GCSE is vital now, more than ever, for a student  to  flourish. Most employers, colleges, universities and sixth forms all require a Grade 4 (C) (pass) or preferably a Grade 5 (B) (strong pass) or better in English. A good English exam grade demonstrates to future employers and High Education providers  that  they will be able to cope confidently with the demands of their work.   

Here are some of the key areas we focus on for Secondary English tuition:

  • Reading  
  • Spelling  
  • Comprehension  
  • English language (including vocabulary development and grammar)  
  • Grammar  
  • Essay writing 
  • Written expression  
  • Vocabulary development  
  • Literature development 

Solid English skills are always essential in other subjects of the secondary school curriculum; they allow pupils to accurately extract information from written sources and then to express themselves effectively whether in arts or science topics.  

At Kip McGrath Derby South, we have a team of secondary school English tutors who help children improve their grades, confidence and build self-esteem in the subject area.  We create individualised lesson plans; these are taught either In Centre or Online, in small groups of up to four students.   

You will need to tell us which Exam Board you are being entered for. Following your assessment, we will then tailor your sessions by addressing any basic topics that need to be mastered first.   

For GCSE English,  we concentrate on improving the student’s comprehension, spelling, grammar and essay writing skills to give them the confidence to write fluent and well-structured essays. As they approach their examinations, the students  can work through past papers under exam conditions, which are then marked with the Examination Boards criteria in mind.  

We Also Teach Secondary Maths (KS3 & KS4)

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