Sue & Dave, Kip & Derby’s current cost of living crisis.

by | Jan 20, 2023

Today’s financial challenge

As a parent, you are experiencing first-hand the unprecedented challenges presented by the current cost of living crisis in the UK. It’s reported to be one of the most severe in living memory. Every household needs to think very carefully about how to spend money on a day-to-day basis. Prioritising energy and food, as well as meeting daily essentials, is a part of everyday life for families in Derby and across the UK. Consequently, planning for the future is more challenging. Decisions to commit to future expenditure can only be taken now after much careful deliberation and thought. Getting the very best value for each pound spent is today’s priority.

Kip McGrath Derby South

At Kip McGrath Derby South, Sue and Dave are alert to these financial challenges. We’re determined that in 2023 we won’t compromise on what we offer to families in Derby. We will continue to provide the same high-quality professional maths and English tutoring to students of all ages and abilities, in our motivational environment in Allenton. We recognise that, even amid the difficult financial challenge, local children have experienced disrupted schooling over the past 3 years due to the global pandemic. We are seeing bigger gaps appear in young people’s learning that were not there previously. There’s a directly related lack of confidence and a general struggle to make the most of their education. Now, more than ever, the support that Kip provides, enabling children to reach their full potential, is life-changing. Today’s generation can still thrive, and build a brighter future for themselves, despite the circumstances.

Financial help

Due to our Ofsted registration (since February 2012), qualifying parents can obtain financial support from HMRC (Working Tax Credit) or DWP (Universal Credit), to help them with the cost of Kip. There are sometimes “hoops to jump through” in order to establish your entitlement. Sue & Dave are here to support you through these processes, with whatever you need to promote your claim. Alternatively, the Government will contribute the tax element of your payment, via Childcare Vouchers (ages 5 to 16) and Tax-Free Childcare (ages 5 to 11). Students (as a Parent), may be able to get financial help via the Childcare Grant Payment Scheme. Sue & Dave are mindful of financial pressures; we offer a discount on Kip fees when a block payment is made in advance. We also consider financial hardship and specific needs in children and where possible, we offering financial support. We encourage you to speak with us; we’ll always see if we’re able to find a way. You might be surprised at the outcome.


In summary, Sue & Dave have clearly seen the benefits of Kip across Derby students for more than 10 years. Today’s educational support needs are greater than ever before. We encourage you to take a fresh look at what Kip can do to transform your child’s educational journey despite the current climate of financial crisis. Let’s continue to work together to give the young people of Derby the opportunities we all desire for them. Let’s help them realise their true educational potential.

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