August 17, 2022

My 9-year-old daughter has been having weekly lessons with Kip McGrath Derby South for 2 years now. She is currently being assessed for non-attentive ADHD and struggles to stay focused in school. Since starting school in EYFS her confidence has gradually dipped as each academic year has gone by. She doesn’t think she is ‘very good’ (in her words) despite having a vivid imagination and excellent vocabulary. However, since starting Kip, she seems more confident in her own abilities and her Kip teacher has built an amazing rapport with her. Her Kip teacher wants to know what she is learning in school so that she can work in partnership and help my daughter further in the subject area or consolidate what she is learning in school. Maths is an area she struggles with and she just achieved 25 out of 25 in the year 4 times table test which is amazing. I love how friendly, relaxed, flexible and fun the Kip lessons are.

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