January 7, 2021

“We signed up for Kip Online in May 2020 just as lockdown had started. My daughter really enjoyed the weekly lessons with Helen and despite being only 7, she was engaged in the work and looked forward to the lessons each week. She has a mixture of Maths and English lessons and they are broken down into short lessons within the hour that keeps her engaged. She returned to school in September and her academic ability had improved despite missing out on 4 months of school. She now continues to have lessons with Kip online. She always disliked Maths and struggled to grasp it but now her maths ability astounds us. She even tells us she likes maths, and we were told at parents evening in October that she had recently scored high in a maths test compared with her peers in the class. We have also noticed that her confidence has increased at school and believe that Kip tutoring has aided with this because she is more confident in her abilities. She understands math concepts well and the one-to-one online support gives her the academic boost she needed.” 

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