It is amazing to hear from our children, parents and school-teachers on the progress that is made by the students we teach. We even receive feedback from school teachers about the children we tutor. They often spot a child’s increased confidence and self-esteem in class, which is really fantastic to hear. Here are some of our most recent testimonies.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with our experience of Kip McGrath. We’ve noticed not only an improvement in our child’s academic achievements but more importantly an improvement in his overall confidence levels. The tuition played a major role in improving the spelling and writing skills for my son.”

Parent of Year 8 student

“My daughter has attended the sessions at the Derby South Centre. The Teachers were brilliant. She has received certificates at school for her maths and her Class Teacher noticed her confidence had improve. I would recommend their service. Thanks to the staff, Sue & Dave”. 

Parent of Year 2 Student

“My daughter has had her confidence increased tenfold since starting maths tuition with Kip McGrath. Her tutor seems to know how to get the best out of her and after a very reluctant beginning my daughter now actually looks forward to her sessions.”

Parent of Year 3 student

“I’ve moved up 2 sets in Maths in school and am now in Set 2. I’m so pleased with this; Kip lessons have really helped me”.



Year 9 Student

“She made so much progress in Year 6 that she’s been placed in Set 2 at Secondary school. We didn’t think this was possible. Thank you Kip for your great help”   

Parent of Year 7 Student

“Kip has really helped my Maths. I feel like I have been doing better in recent school tests. The outcome is that I’ve been moved up to the top set for Maths. Thank you.”  


Year 9 Student

“Thank you so much for everything you do and for all your fantastic support.  I am very pleased with how much Olivia has progressed and that she really enjoys her Monday Sessions with Helen.”  

Parent of Year 3 Student

“I wholeheartedly highly recommend Kip McGrath Derby South for their kindness, warmth, professionalism & care. I had struggled for ages to find somewhere that would help my 10 year old son improve his handwriting but just as I was about to give up the lovely Dave & Sue at Kip McGrath Derby South came to my rescue & the rest is history! His grammar, as well as his writing has improved enormously thanks to the amazing staff at Kip. You are simply the best, thank you!” 

Parent of Year 6 Student

“My daughter has been attending sessions to help with her reading and English skills on the run-up to her SATS and I can honestly say that I have seen a great deal of progress not only with her school work but with her self-confidence. Will not hesitate to use Kip McGrath again in the future and would highly recommended it for others. Thanks so much Sue + Dave for your words of encouragement and patience with my daughter during her sessions with you.”

Parent of Year 6 student

“When I first came to Kip, I thought it was going to be hard, but after I have been here a few times, I thought it’s fun. You get to do work on the computer and after finishing your tasks you can play games. We have breaks as well so we can chat with someone and eat some snacks. I really enjoy coming to Kip and it helps me with my English and Maths. Right now, my English is much better than the first time I came here. I love being here very much!”

Year 6 student

“When she started Kip the school said that she was 2 years behind her peers. In the 6 months she’s attended the school are now saying she’s caught up a whole year. We’re both really happy.”


Parent of Year 8 student

“She’s been re-assessed at school and is now working at a “greater depth” level. This is somewhere we never thought she would get to. She attributes it all to Kip help”.  


Parent of Year 6 Student

“We’re very pleased with the difference his Kip sessions are making to James’ English. His confidence, ability and writing skills throughout the curriculum have improved. He now sees English as something he can succeed at, not be afraid of”.

Parent of Year 7 Student

“Kip has really helped my Maths. I feel like I have been doing better in recent school tests. The outcome is that I’ve been moved up to the top set for Maths. Thank you.”    


Year 9 Student

“My 9-year-old daughter has been having weekly lessons with Kip McGrath Derby South for 2 years now. She is currently being assessed for ADHD and struggles to stay focused in school. Since starting school in EYFS her confidence has gradually dipped as each academic year has gone by. She doesn’t think she is ‘very good’ (in her words) despite having a vivid imagination and excellent vocabulary. However, since starting Kip, she seems more confident in her own abilities and her Kip teacher has built an amazing rapport with her. Her Kip teacher wants to know what she is learning in school so that she can work in partnership and help my daughter further in the subject area or consolidate what she is learning in school. Maths is an area she struggles with and she just achieved 25 out of 25 in the year 4 times table test which is amazing. I love how friendly, relaxed, flexible and fun the Kip lessons are.”     

Parent of Year 4 Student

Also just wanted to thank you all because we have had Mason’s mock exam results for English and he was predicted a 3 in English language and just got a 5 in the exam and he was predicted a 2 in English literature and he just got a 4 in that exam, so with your help, he is making huge progress ? hopefully he can continue to make more progress. Thanks again. 

Parent of Year 11 student

“My daughter enjoyed her face-to-face sessions at KIP with Sue; she can be hard to engage sometimes but when she is taught by Sue, she is highly motivated to learn – which is a joy to see. Since lock down and the introduction of online lessons she now looks forward to these too, and she is always upbeat and positive afterwards. We’re very happy with service.” 

Parent of year 8 student

“Kip McGrath makes learning fun and easy, all the staff are kind and when you come to learn it is in a friendly environment where it is made easy. Coming to Kip made me want to improve and get the best grade I could possibly get, as well as improving my confidence and getting to know other people who also wanted to be the best they could be.”

GCSE Student

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