Tuition at Kip; it’s always about the child

by | Sep 8, 2022

When Sue & Dave started Kip McGrath Derby South in October 2011, they had already researched a number of local education businesses, to find the one they considered to be the best fit. The most important criteria for tuition at Kip was always to “give the best for each student individually”. It’s now obvious that, following a lot of investigation, Sue & Dave decided to start a Kip McGrath Centre. At the time, they felt it was the opportunity that always put the child first and, accordingly, achieved the best student outcomes. Looking back on 11 years of providing tuition at Kip, they believe that they made the right decision. It doesn’t matter whether a student is in Year 1 and is struggling to get to grips with phonics and reading or whether they’re in Year 12 and flying high with their A Level courses. The combination of Kip tuition methods and the best teachers always ensures that each student is able to realise their full potential. When the time came to create their own website, unsurprisingly, Sue & Dave chose the domain name “”. This wholly reflects what we set out to do.

With tuition at Kip, we fully support the work that schools are doing. School is the right place for children to be taught, to be examined, and build relationships with their friends and teachers. Sometimes though, some children feel disconnected in school. It’s clear that not every child has the opportunity in school to be themselves and to flourish. Our opinion is that we offer something extra that it’s really difficult for a school to drill down into, due to largely financial (and time) constraints. By working with each child individually, we are in a far better place to be successful at this.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Sue & Dave receive amazing feedback from students, parents and teachers every week of every year. Not just at exam time, but through each week of each term. Here is some of the feedback we regularly hear:

“He’s been moved up a set in maths”,

“Her teacher has noticed a marked improvement”

“He’s become much more confident in school”

“Her GCSE results were significantly better than we had hoped for”.

Kip really is successful and is there to help at every stage of their academic journey.

As we move into the new autumn term of 2022, with a lot of global uncertainty due to financial and political challenges, you have the best opportunity to make a positive difference in your child’s educational outcomes. Given the last 2 years of pandemic-affected education, wouldn’t you like to be back in control of what happens to your child’s education? At Kip McGrath Derby South, after 11 years, it’s still always all about your child. Give them the opportunity to realise their full potential.

The journey that Sue and Dave started in October 2011 continues. Tuition at Kip retains the same vision and objectives as it has always done.

Dave & Sue Priestley

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