What next for our children’s education? Summer 2022 is an opportunity to start the catch-up.

by | Apr 9, 2022

There has been a lot of dialogue over recent months regarding the effect the COVID pandemic has had on the educational outcomes of school-age children. Almost all students have missed some learning during the last 2 years. For some, this will have little lasting effect, as they will quickly catch up back to the target levels appropriate for the National Curriculum. For others, including disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils, it could be a much trickier process, possibly achieving only a partial level of catch-up. It is this, a large group of children, that particularly merit our attention over the coming months and years.

Government Ministers have now set targets for higher grades at GCSE and better Sats scores, in its long-awaited Schools White Paper just published. It also includes a new “Parent Pledge”, that any child who falls behind in English and maths will get the support they need to get back on track.

It’s now well-proven, as a result of the pandemic, that tutoring has a positive impact on pupils’ academic progress. In the Derby area, schools now have greater independence in how they spend their new allocations of School led tutoring grant monies. These are provided for them over the next 3 years, to fund tuition-led opportunities, thus allowing their students to catch up on missed learning. This also features the ability for Derby schools to spend some of their additional income with local, trusted tuition providers who they‘re already aware of, or working with.

At Kip McGrath Derby South we’re realistic to understand we can only reach out to a relatively small number of students. That doesn’t change our goal, however, as, for each student we help to “catch-up”, that’s another young life changed for the better. We also know that, over the last 10 years, many hundreds of Derby children have gone on to enjoy better prospects and become more confident, as a result of attending Kip. We certainly see it as a life-changing opportunity which reaches much further and wider than is possible just during lessons.

Kip McGrath provide individual, professional tuition in English and Maths for students of all abilities aged 5 to 18. This is always by qualified and experienced teachers with enhanced DBS checks in place. They know what works and how to get the best out of each child. All Kip McGrath sessions can be delivered either face to face In Centre or Online, using the bespoke and unique Kip Online product.

Via many individual testimonies from Parents, teachers and students, we are motivated to continue to succeed. Whether it’s students coming to Kip via their own families or school-sponsored, Kip McGrath Derby South has a prolonged history of success.

Kip McGrath Derby South are perfectly placed to deliver catch-up help to all students. We’ll carry on giving students opportunities that might otherwise be denied to them. In Summer 2022, during August, we’ll be offering the perfect opportunity to start a Kip journey of your own.

Dave & Sue Priestley

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Dave & Sue Priestley

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