What price is an amazing Maths teacher?

by | Dec 7, 2023

There’s general acceptance in education that Maths teachers are a breed apart. School-based maths departments are filled with a plethora of larger-than-life characters who are all exceptionally good at maths. For some, that love of numbers (and lots of more modern topics) stems from childhood, where they took a special interest in all things numeric from an early age. For others, that passion has grown during the progression to adulthood. Numbers and mathematical concepts have stood out as being significant to those individuals. The conclusion is that outstanding maths teachers can be either born or bred.

It’s a special privilege for maths teachers to be able to share something they love (maths!) with students who come into their care. Not only does the outstanding maths teacher love maths themselves, but they get to share it with students, instilling a growing understanding and passion for maths for themselves.

Starting with basic numeracy in Primary school, and progressing through fractions, decimals and percentages to secondary topics such as algebra (why would anyone want to find out what “x” is?), and geometry (aren’t the properties of space concerned with stars and moons?), maths students are stretched and shaped by all things mathematical.

Why are Sue & Dave interested in this, you ask? Over the past 13 years, running Kip McGrath Derby South in Allenton, Derby we’ve been truly blessed with an array of exceptional maths teachers who’ve had the sole aim of inspiring the next generation of maths students. The teachers love for the subject has always shone through and been imparted willingly to aspiring students. If it’s possible to encourage the student to love maths as much as they do, the end goal has been achieved.

Starting with Dave, Liz and Mike; moving on to Keith, Christina and Charlotte, takes us to our current incumbent, Adrian. All of these names are quoted with high regard to the positive impact they’ve left on students. These names are still talked about fondly in the Centre today. Sue & Dave want to mark Adrian’s moving on (with sadness), but also with the highest degree of respect for what Kip students under his care have achieved over the past 4 ¼ years. Without Adrian’s input, there would have been a lot less mathematical success in Derby. Thank you Adrian.

The next chapter remains to be written. We will introduce you to Amy in the coming weeks. She has a lot to live up to, but she’ll impart her own love of maths onto Kip students into the future.

The passion for learning maths at Kip McGrath Derby South is alive and kicking; Sue & Dave continue to be excited about what this next season will bring.

Thank you exceptional maths teachers. Kip students are blessed to know you.

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Dave & Sue Priestley

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