What, you want to leave Kip? Really?

by | May 25, 2021

Over the last 10 years, Dave and Sue at Kip McGrath Derby South have thoroughly enjoyed helping students realise their full potential. Never in that time did we think that some students would enjoy the experience so much that they wouldn’t want to leave.

We have been truly blessed by caring and understanding relationships with our extended Kip family over these 10 years. We knew that a time would come when 7 Year 11 students were poised to leave; all of whom have been with us at Kip since Primary school. Over this time we’ve got to know these guys really well and seen them mature and blossom to be the young people they are today. They’ve progressed academically and are poised for GCSE success, in spite of these challenging times.

We’ve bid farewell to Katie, Aliza, Duncan, Ahmed, Lewis, Zubair and Mischa over the past week or so. These guys really are testament to what Kip McGrath has contributed to improve their life opportunities. They are all moving on to the next exciting steps on their educational journeys. They do so with our very best wishes.

When students have been at Kip for between 6 and 8 years they fully understand what works and how they’ve worked hard to improve their educational outcomes. We’re really proud to have been a part of their incredible journeys.

We absolutely need to express our sincere thanks to the Parents of these amazing students; they have expressed both faith and incredible loyalty in us over this period. We will always remember these families as we’ve shared with them since 2012.

It’s quite likely that never again will we see such a dedicated and committed group of students at Kip McGrath Derby South. We just couldn’t let them take this important step without recognising the positive effect they’ve had on us since 2012. Thank you Katie, Aliza, Duncan, Ahmed, Lewis, Zubair and Mischa. Your futures are burning bright indeed!

Dave & Sue Priestley

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