Why students choose Kip McGrath Derby South

Students know themselves when they are struggling in school. They might tell a parent straight away, or continue to hide it for a while. Once they’re able to share with someone, the right help can be identified and engaged. Sue & Dave understand this process and since 2011, have successfully helped over 1,000 students do better in school.

Why students choose Kip McGrath Derby South:

Students are individuals who deserve (and receive at Kip) the very best attention .

Friends and/ or family have attended previously and done really well in school .

Students varied learning styles are explored, to find the one that works best for each student.

Each student works solely on their individual learning plan in either Maths, English or a combination of the two.

Challenging Kip goals are clearly set and celebrated when they are achieved .

We can move forward at a pace students are comfortable with, ensuring that topics are consolidated and learned fully. 

Attending Kip provides students with increased levels of confidence and self-esteem; helping them back in school .

Success at Kip allows students more choice in their academic journey; rather than someone else choosing on their behalf.

To achieve specific outcomes in school tests and national examinations

Students may have heard directly from a friend or relative about how much fun Kip can be and how friendly our teachers are?  Perhaps a friend, relative or even a sibling has attended Kip at a different time and gone on to do really well? Sue & Dave have experienced many students who have benefitted from Kip throughout their academic journey.

Again, our parent, student and teacher testimonies speak for themselves.

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“When I first came to Kip, I thought it was going to be hard, but after I have been here a few times, I thought it’s fun. You get to do work on the computer and after finishing your tasks you can play games. We have breaks as well so we can chat with someone and eat some snacks. I really enjoy coming to Kip and it helps me with my English and Maths. Right now, my English is much better than the first time I came here. I love being here very much!”

Year 6 Student

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