Women’s Euro 2022 Final at Wembley

by | Sep 29, 2022

Sitting on the tube, excitement filled me as I got closer! For the first time ever, I would get to see the Lionesses play in real life, against Germany in the Euro Finals!

Arriving at Wembley Way it was the best atmosphere I had ever experienced. It was incredible; little girls were singing everywhere, everyone was jumping up and down, ready to see some amazing goals from the Lionesses.

I knew, if the Lionesses won, the future would open up so many gates for girls playing football, and we needed this so much!

Flags were waving high in the air along with outstanding banners made by the fans. We was ready to win the Euros!

As I sat down, the crowd was impeccable, already singing “Sweet Caroline” and I knew, from this very moment, we were taking this trophy home.

The match started, it was a rough 45 minutes but the girls did well; many corners and free kicks were taken but no goals. Tension gripped us, Germany were getting through. A couple of shots were taken, but none were scored. Until…Ella Toone and Alessia Russo came onto the pitch, changing the game completely.

An amazing ball came shooting through to Toone. She ran onto it and with a flick of her foot she was over the goal keeper and into the net! YES!! The crowd went wild! Everyone jumped up and down like crazy kangaroos waving their banners and flags around!

The puzzle was being completed.

Then, out of nowhere, came a smashing goal from Germany.1-1 Everyone here knew we weren’t leaving with a score like this. Sweat was dropping from everyone, but the crowd wouldn’t stop. Songs floated in the air as my ear drums sang to them.

30 minutes were added as no goal had yet been scored. Chloe Kelly came on wanting to make dreams come true. With not long left…a goal hit the back of the net!! And you wouldn’t believe who it was…KELLY a history maker in the making!! Fans went crazy… England had won the Euros. They did what the men couldn’t do, opening new gates to every little girl out there! Songs were sung, dances were danced and everyone enjoyed life; it was the best experience EVER!!! Thank you Lionesses for being the inspiration we needed.              

Written by our very own Kip reporter, Imogen (age 13)

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