Year 7 school admissions – a critical step for your child

by | Mar 16, 2023


Year 7 school admissions were announced by Derby Secondary School at the beginning of March. Your child’s real journey starts now. Based on recent discussions, the majority of Year 6 students have achieved their preferred (1st) choice of Secondary school. This is great news; congratulations on your success. For you, as a parent, it should now be a more straightforward process between now and September. The journey isn’t without angst, but the simple knowledge that your wishes have been granted does minimise the disruption.

A small setback?

The year 7 school admission decision you’ve been handed might be one you didn’t choose. Your child and yourself are no doubt now considering which way to turn next. The 2nd and 3rd choices on the form, you had thought they wouldn’t really be needed. (best to put a couple of alternatives down, just in case). You can choose to make the best of the outcome, and set about preparing them for September anyway.

Can you change the decision?

Alternatively, you could contest the school’s decision and try to change the outcome. Were you given a reason for their decision? Have you been told they’re oversubscribed? Has their decision been made fairly? It’s a real “parent and child together” moment. How can this work, without interrupting your child’s education in their final months in primary. This includes the important SATS tests? You could appeal against the decision, by making contact directly with the school you put down as 1st choice). It’s possible to see if anything can be changed. Most schools will have waiting lists; your ability to get onto them can vary from school to school. Sue & Dave’s experience is that this process doesn’t often bring about a changed outcome. If you’re unhappy with the initial decision, trying to get the decision changed isn’t an easy path to go down.

Moving forward

Ultimately, your child will be starting at a new school in September. There are lots of aspects to consider:

  • your child’s happiness in their new environment;
  • their ability to “settle” in their new school;
  • their opportunity to make new friends easily;
  • the smoothness of their academic journey.

It’s likely that their new Secondary school will re-assess them academically to create bands of abilities post Year 6 SATS. The secondary will work hard to make their transition as smooth as possible. They will offer taster days and visits; setting the scene for September. Your child may need to travel further afield, encompassing different transport arrangements. They might gain a degree of independence in this process. These “logistic” aspects of the new school can affect current family life routines that you currently take for granted. The routine of school life they’ve grown accustomed to over the past 6 years, will definitely change.

Kip help to provide a smooth transition

In spite of the Year 7 Schools admission decision, you can help your child transition smoothly. Sue & Dave have 12 years of experience helping Year 6 to make this step up. We believe, at Kip, that your child’s integration into their new secondary environment shapes the whole of their academic future. Sue & Dave continue to provide consistent, progressive, high quality, professional maths and English tuition. We come alongside them to help smooth their path and settle them into secondary school life. At Kip, we understand how truly important this step is for them and you as a family.

We have some useful information on our Parent Resources page regarding the primary to secondary school transition.

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